• Michael Birmingham 30 Mar 2017
    I had my Golf Gti Remapped - Extremely happy with the results. The car was feeling a little sluggish but now feels as if been given a new lease of life. The car is now rejuvenated and feels substantially quicker. Amir and his team are friendly, approachable, informative and extremely knowledgeable. Communication with the guys was fantastic and work was carried out quickly and efficiently at a competitive price. I would highly recommend! Thanks.
  • Sunny Qayyum Birmingham 08 Feb 2017
    My BMW 320D had a loss of power, went to a few different garages, nobody knew what the exact problem was until I spoke to Sam. What a pleasant bloke full of knowledge, reassured me that car will be back with full power. Communicated with me a few times a day, kept me updated at all times and more importantly sorted out all issues, EGR and DPF removal. Car drives with a lot more power. Highly recommend Midland Tuning, your car is in safe hands, these guys know what there doing. Forget the rest, speak to Sam and you will not be disappointed.
  • Dubzee Birmingham 08 Feb 2017
    The garage sorted my problem out with my BMW 118D, they done a cracking job and completed it by the following day. The price to complete the job was fair and much better then most garages in Birmingham. I would highly recommend these guys as you want be disappointed.
  • ken Boyaka Birmingham 08 Feb 2017
    I contacted Midland Tuning & spoke to Sam. He was very helpful & explained everything for me perfectly. Managed to fit me for the work at short notice with a same day turnaround. My problem is fixed & with the re-tune & remap they did, my car is now more powerful & runs better than ever. Great customer service & surprising clean garage. Not the cheapest out there but the quality & service is worth the extra. I highly recommend this company & would gladly return for any future work.
  • Craig H Birmingham 07 Feb 2017
    Mazda 2007 2.0 TS2, Called for advise and was very helpful, Took the car in limp mode with DPF problems, DPF removed and remap done guy was very helpful and good customer service felt looked after should of done it sooner car feels much better, would highly recommend.
  • Tal Birmingham 21 Nov 2016
    After being told a "No no" by E-Maps who refused to Remap my Audi A4 2.0 Tdi (CVT Auto), I didn't give up because I knew the car had so much potential. So I met Sam at Midland Tuning (MTC). He initially had my car for an EGR Delete job, but then explained the benefits of a Remap as he had to reprogram the ECU anyway, to which I agreed, thanks for the good price. After the Remap, I was literally amazed that cars, especially Diesel automatics hide such hidden power, and now my car runs much smoother, with a nice powerful kick in very low revs (around 1200-1300 rpm), so this helps all my town driving. The car is very fast, for a 2.0 Litre, and now feels more like a 2.5 or 3.0 Litre Diesel. Highly recommended!
  • Aaron Birmingham 12 Jul 2016
    After calling around local tuning companies for quotes I came across the Midland Tuning Company. The customer service was excellent, professional and polite. I was given a very reasonable quote, timescale, and exactly what the process would consist of. I was also given some fantastic recommendations, to help me meet my expectation. I received my car back in great condition, all of the issues were resolved, and it's now performing much better than ever. Highly recommended!
  • Trevor gaynor 72 27 May 2016
    Dpf lights been on now for weeks read reviews for where to take my car to have dpf removed mtc had a good review rang and spoke to Sam who gave me some good advise booked my car in for same week kept me updated all the way the car is now a different car so much more responsive it's a bmw 525 msport so please with the job well done mtc
  • Mark W Birmingham 29 Feb 2016
    2009 Vauxhall Zafira 1.9cdti 150 ( DPF )I went to another garage in Birmingham and they messed up my car. Trust me go the experts in the first place. Thanks to the guys at MTC its all sorted now.
  • Tony Birmingham 29 Feb 2016
    2011 Audi A3 1.6tdi ( Dpf removal and Egr Stage 1.5 performance remap)I was really sceptical before about if it will work but as they say proof is in the pudding. 10/10 it works.
  • Sharn Dhillon Birmingham 29 Feb 2016
    2008 Lexus is220d (Dpf removal and deletion with egr blanking plate installed.)Thanks guys finally no more smoke from my exhaust. Will definitely recommend and be back for future work!
  • Mark Ward Birmingham 17 May 2015
    2007 BMW 530d E60 - DPF Removal and Performance Remap : I cant express how my car has changed. Great job guys. Fast reliable service, would recommend it to all my friends.
  • Clinton Gordon Cannock, West Midland 17 May 2015
    2005 Skoda Fabia VRS - DPF Removal and Performance Remap : I has no more troublesome DPF problems and my cars torque has increased big time. Cheers.
  • Brian Birmingham 15 May 2015
    2010 Mazda 6 2.0d - DPF Removal and Combo remap Remap : I came in to MTC in limp mode and can drive to work without any issues. Great advise from the MTC team.
  • Vicky Santora Coventry 14 May 2015
    2007 Seat Leon FR: This message is for Hassan who is a technician for MTC, many thanks for the advise and reassurance! EGR delete and tune up the car is very different and can’t believe the difference it makes, Much better car to drive now so much smoother and responsiv
  • Ibrar Hussain Wolverhampton 11 May 2015
    2005 Audi RS6 4.2 V8 Bi turbo - Performance Remap : I took my car to another company first and they couldn't do the job. My friend recommended them and I have to agree they know there stuff. Its resulted in 600 nm of torque and 560bhp. Very happy!
  • Jamie Clarke Leicester, Leicestershire 07 May 2015
    BMW 335d Coupe E92 - Performance Remap : This is the best mod ever the results were instant and amazing. Well worth the money I was smiling all the way to the bank. Friendly service very happy, keep up the good work!
  • Neil Thomas Birmingham 24 Apr 2015
    Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 CDTi 150 - Performance/economy 50/50 Remap: Happy Days! You guys have made my day
  • Inderjit Sandhu Coventry, Warwickshire 20 Apr 2015
    VW Golf 1.9 gti tdi 150 MK4 "“ Performance Remap: As you said it will spin in all gears amazing torque with over 200 bhp. Porsche drivers you will see my in your rear view mirror. Harry and the guys certainly know there stuff, Get professional remap advice from Midland Tuning Comapany. Thanks
  • John Penny Birmingham, West Midlands 16 Apr 2015
    VW Passat 2.0 170 Tdi Performance & Economy 50/50 Remap: Found the site on Google, spoke to Sam and got the advice I needed. Booked my car in the following day a very fast and efficient service. I am very impressed with the results of the remapping