• Simon Grant Wednesbury, West Midlands 09 Apr 2015
    BMW 320d 150 Economy Remap: I spend a lot of my time up and down the motorway. I now get over 55mpg where before I would be lucky to get 35mpg. Cheers guys for helping me save money!!
  • Ali Ahmed Birmingham, West Midlands 06 Apr 2015
    Audi S3 1.8t 225 Performance Remap: 280 bhp. Thats exactly what I needed. Wow! What a difference its made feels like a totally different car. Thank you! Thank you! MTC I will recommend you to all my friends
  • Sarah Knight Walsall, West Midlands 02 Apr 2015
    I have owned the car for 4 years and fancied a change my boyfriend recommended I get a remap, at first I was unsure but having it done I’m glad I did. The car feels like its had a new lease of life. Thank you Midland Tuning!